strategy: bringing content to life

Branding is not just the visual parts such as the logo, typefaces and color palettes. The audiences relate more to a brand's tone that shows the company's personality. The tone is what makes a person choose one company over the other because they have a connection with it. Clients want their brands to be perceived in the proper way to make the audience feel something and be attached to the brand. A brand's tone is a reflection of the people behind them - humans.


There are three aspects that make a brand tone: personality, honesty and integrity. By showing personality, more people will gravitate towards the specific brand other the competitors. The brand tone needs to automatically show what a company does and what they stand for and by doing so, more people will have an engaging connection that keeps bringing them back. Honesty shows that a company is willing to help their customers in any way they can by not hiding who they are. When a customer realizes the brand is being truthful, they become a loyal enthusiast and keep coming back. Lastly, integrity. The brand tone needs to show the values and be simple enough for everyone to understand.


case study: Kent cycle

The goal while branding Kent Cycle was to show the atmosphere of the shop and the personality of the clients and employees. They describe themselves as an old school bike shop that is down to earth and like to be very personable to their customers. It was important to make the print advertisements welcoming and keep a conversational feel to connect with the audience. They should stick with the brand feel and be bold but not overpowering.

Understanding the Audience

It is important to make sure that the audience is engaged with the shops advertising and that it shows what the brand is all about. It needs to interact with all age ranges and all types of bikers such as competitive, leisure and simply for transportation. 


Source: Larsen, Creating the Right Brand Voice 


case study: Suzuki music workshop

The goal for creating the tone for the Suzuki music workshop located in Helsinki, Finland was to take a very formal classical way of teaching music and gear it towards millienials.

Adding Brand Voice

In this project it was very important to make sure to target the right audience and interest them in the event. A lot of younger music students are targeted with this branding. Inviting words and a bright color palette differentiate the classical music workshop from any others around. The tone is very noticable through out the branding but not so overdone that people will get annoyed or uninteested very quickly.


Source: Forbes, Game Of Tones: Finding Your Brand's Voice



This annual report was made for Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense and space vehicles. 

Keeping the Brand Feeling Corporate

While creating this annual report it was very important to keep it conversational but very formal at the same time. Boeing wants to make sure every employee, shareholder and customer feels included and welcome and that is done by achieving a bold, dynamic and clear tone of voice for the annual report . The tone of the report shows the values and personality traits that Boeing has and how much they care for improving the aerospace industry in the future. 

Source: Creative Translation, How to Create Effective Brand Tone